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Škofja Loka cluster-City [solo PDF]

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It’s a gentle landscape, the one of Škofja Loka. Green ripples, crossed by the river engravings, punctuated by the darker patches of the woods. Farther on the mountainside. The ore lump of the old town, and its castle, gather the sense in a tight and complete dialectic in which the textures of solids and voids reverberate with intensity. The new parts of the town – the residential expansions and the industrial ones – in an obvious iterated design, drop the tension of this relation in a careless everyday life. It’s from the perception of this “inadequacy” that the request of an international consultation originated, with the formula of the Workshop, from which the Graduating works presented in this book have arisen. With good reason Gabrijelčič – who has been an effective promoter in these years – vindicates the importance of this mode to intercept several original tracks of thought useful to governments to address their programs. Pepe Barbieri

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